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A Golden Team Practicing the Golden Rule

Our team at Curry-Holmes Insurance are proud members of the Waco, Texas community.

We are always accessible. We love to know our neighbors. We treat everyone as our friends.

Come in and get to know Jami, Marla, and the rest of our team.

The Curry-Holmes Team

Meet Jami Curry,
Agency Owner


Jami attended Baylor University and has worked in the Waco area ever since. For over 20 years, Jami has served the Waco community. For many years she was a clerk in the McLennan County Clerk’s office, and then took her skills to work at Baylor Law School.

A busy wife and mom, Jami actively participated in McGregor School system as well as participated in many other community events.


Meet Marla Holmes,
Agency Owner


Marla graduated from Baylor University and has lived in central Texas for over 30 years. After decades serving as an educator in McGregor, Crawford, and Midway ISD, Marla retired. But she couldn’t stop working and serving the community, and she soon decided to turn her attention to opening her own business.

Marla is excited to continue using her skills as an educator to better people’s insurance choices. Ask her any question. It is always her pleasure to help.

Curry-Holmes Company History

A Growing Name Based on a Stellar Reputation

In 2013, Jami and Marla started their first agency, providing Waco residents and business owners with a top selection of insurance products. In 2015, they opened the first Goosehead Insurance agency in Waco, to expand the local options for insurance companies and products.

From the Curry-Holmes headquarters in Waco, the team now serves clients throughout Texas.

A Growing Office Because of Better Options

Curry-Holmes offer a selection of A and A+ rated insurances, brought to you by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

We offer a selection of insurance for homeowners, landlords, and renters.

We offer customized auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle insurance options from top national carriers.

Curry-Holmes Business Philosophies

Putting Clients First Is Simply the Way We Do Business

We strive every day to live out the “golden rule” in all our business.

All the Curry-Holmes team members believe in true customer service and personalized customer relationships. We treat every person the way we expect to be treated by a business.

We aim to treat every client like a long-term friend, because we want every relationship with a client to be long term.

Curry-Holmes Insurance agency is made of a dedicated team of experience professionals. Our customers are our priority, every day.

Putting Others First Is the Way We Live

Curry-Holmes Insurance agency supports Waco and the surrounding communities through involvement with various clubs and organizations. We are proud sponsors and participants in the many activities of beautiful Waco, Texas.

We support our community. We support our neighbors.

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